Project Start-up

kr 250.00



Michel Esnault/ Bjørn Z. Eklund

Year of publication: 2008

No of pages: 230

ISBN 978-82-997813-0-5



The  main focus of this book is to offer a guide in how to involve people in starting up a project. We think this is the most important stage of project work, and if you hurry this stage, you might not manage to bring your project to a successful finish.

The book offers simple models and structures that you can use in project meetings. Models that are applied correctly will help to develop a shared understanding of goals, roles and rules among project members. Challenges in working with cross-cultural projects with virtual communication are addressed and advice is given. In this book we have also started a joint venture where practical tools from project work are combined with knowledge from the social sciences.

The book is relevant for all types of project work and the advice and models given here are easy to understand and communicate. If you aim to lead projects in organizations where not everyone is experienced in established project concepts, this book will help you.