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News from IPMA Council of Delegates

During its September council meeting, the 6th IPMA Reserach Conference and a national conference of IPMA Brazil in Rio de Janaioro, IPMA has discussed the inpact of increasing projectification on society. In many countries more than 1/3 of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is generated through projects and programmes, through private industry. public administration and through community work. Projects are delivered to achieve outcomes. They require stakeholdesr at all levels to be competent in directing, managing and participating in projects, programmes and portfolios. Governemnts at a federal, regional and local level need to develop a strategy for dealing with their portfolio, aligning them with the overall objectives and ensuring  their effective and efficient delivery. The Council of Delegates concluded that:
– IPMA is committed to a world where projects have clear benefits to socity
– IPMA is aiming for projects that clearly take sustainable development into account
– IPMA is promoting governance arrangements that foster transparency and accountability
– IPMA is supporting the development of project competence at all levels of our society.

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