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Functional Resiliency: New Methods for Supporting Individual and Team Performance


17. november 2021





Come learn about functional resilience straight from the horse’s mouth! As project managers, we are always on the front edge of change. It takes courage, empathy, and perseverance to continuously face the new way of doing business. But who looks after the Project Manager? In this engaging webinar, join Irina Dolmatove-Eggers, Programme Director for IFEEL Method Europe. Irina will discuss ways to increase our workplace resiliency, and the challenges that our customers may be experiencing as well. This session will cover a lot of interesting topics, like:

  • What underpins individual resiliency and how it correlates with stress level and burn-out.
  • How the state of your nervous system affects social engagement, which is core to building trust, relationships, and effective communication.
  • What is functional resiliency and how we can increase it by investing only 15 minutes per day. We are going to share our experience and practical tool: “IFEEL Method Functional Resiliency Scale (FRS)”.
  • What if we involve other sentient beings into experiential learning, personal and team development…

Irina understands how executive leaders and teams (alongside technology and business processes) influence companies’ environment, employees’ performance and as a result – organisational success as a whole. Today in her work she focuses on personal development and well-being as a core to creating and realising opportunities in today’s fast-paced environments and sustaining the change required.

IFEEL means International Foundation of Experiential Education and Learning, and offers a range of evidence-based solutions and integrates the latest in neuro-bio-psycho-social training modalities. IFEEL Method is an accelerated and regenerative human behaviour change model based on ‘feeling’ the state our own and others nervous system, in a way that automatically elicits functional resiliency.


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  • Online


  • 17. november 2021 14:00

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