IPMA certificates are valid for 5 years, for all levels. After 5 years the certificates have to be renewed.

It is the responsibility of the certificate holder to monitor the expiry date of their certificate and to initiate the recertificaton process. However, the CB Secretariate will remind you!

Recertification focuses on a candidate’s development and professional experience since obtaining their initial certification or last recertification.

Usually before the certificate becomes invalid, the potential for the individual to move to another IPMA Level should be considered. If all the criteria can be fulfilled, the candidate should decide if they wish to move to the next IPMA Level through certification. Alternatively the candidate can recertify to renew their certificate. For level A and B another domain can be chosen, if the experiences are from these domains.

For recertification, the candidates have to deliver an updated CV and self evaluation, covering the development during the last 5 years.

For the candidates to pass the recertification process, they must:

  • Have attained a minimum for professional project, program or portfolio management activities/assignments of 50% of the time for level A and B.
  • Have attained a minimum for professional project management activities/assignments of 50% of the time for level C.
  • Have evidence of Continuing Professional Development of 35 hours per annum, during the last 5 years (all levels).
  • Have complied with the code of professional conduct (all levels).
  • Have attended an interview (30 to 45 minutes) if the assessors don’t find enough evidences in the written material, and passed the interview (all levels).

The following outcomes are possible as a result of the recertification assessment::

  • Renewal of certificate
  • Non-renewal of certificate following unsatisfactory interview and/or references and/or review of complaints/ and/or an enquiry for additional information from the candidate.

If a certificate holder does not want renewal, the certificate should be returned to the Secretariate. The name of the candidate will be removed from IPMA list of certified candidates.